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Water Transfer Body Tattoos

Water Transfer Body Tattoos

Wanna get all tatted up but don’t have the time or have a phobia of needles ?

Our easy-to-use water transfer body tattoos comes to your rescue !

Here’s how you use them:

  • Moisten the surface and gently slide the sticker to it face up and press firmly.
  • Use soft towel to absorb excess water
  •  Carefully remove the overhanging decal with orange stick or tooth peak. Be careful not to damage the design.
  • Approx. Rs 25 / Sheet
  • Rubber Heat Transfer Sticker
  • 1000 Piece
  • 2 x 4 cm or customizable
  • Spray bottle/ Atomizer
  • In Sheets
  • PVC
  • Kite Marketing
  • Dry Wash
  • Printed
  • Skin